Ennov Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Earthing Backfill Compounds

The most reliable Earthing Backfill Compound is offered to our clients along with our offered earthing systems. This compound is manufactured by our experts in accordance with the process specifications of our clients and suits their earthing systems with its premium grade chemicals. Hydrated Aluminum Silicate, with its property of swelling, is used as a chief component in this compound and offers the perfect functionality for earthing. These are available in packaging of 30 kgs to optimally fulfill the requirements of clients. Advantages: Absorbs and retains moisture for a long time period Reduces soil resistivity Helps in dissipation of fault current in a faster manner Allows least ohmic value fluctuation Eliminates the need for salt and charcoal around electrode Holds its shape and adheres to any surface Easily compacted Absorbs thirteen times its volume Maintains compatibility of soil and rod contact